Top of the List: Thanksgiving travelers, black market twinkies and Bieber at the AMAs

On November 19, these were the stories people were talking about.

1) OVERSTUFFED ROADS: AAA estimates 43.6 million people will be traveling this week.  The good news is gas prices are on a down-shift.  Experts predict the price will be $3.35 to $3.40 by the time Thanksgiving arrives.

But there is bad news. While shopping warriors line up and camp out for Black Friday, a new study revealed a 4.9 percent jump in credit card balance. The average is back up to $5000.  

2) MUSCLES ON MINORS:  A shocking new study found in the journal "Pediatrics" says more than one in three teenage boys are using protein powders or shakes to help build muscle mass.  This is another indication that girls are no longer alone in their obsession with body image.

Facebook and Tumblr forums show that boys are on a "take-no-prisoners" mission for muscle. Nearly 6 percent of teen boys confessed to juicing with steroids, despite the fact it shuts down testosterone production in growing kids.

Boys aren’t the only ones going muscle crazy.  Over 20 percent of girls have admitted to protein bulking, too.

3) TWINKIE FEVER: How much would you pay for a box of Twinkies? Does $21 million sound reasonable? A black market for white puffy hostess products has emerged after the company announced it was turning off the ovens for good.  Hostess fans looking for their favorite treats can find them on eBay auction listings. Prices range from $1 to millions.

4) ROBBING FAMILY:  The family that robs together, sobs together. Bank-robbing father, son, and daughter were caught in Texas.  Ronald Catt and his 20-year-old son Hayden are believed to have held up the banks while 18-year-old Abbie drove the getaway car. They are allegedly responsible for seven heists in two states.

5) MUSIC MANIA: At the American Music Awards PSY danced with MC Hammer.  But one of the most talked about moment was Justin Bieber winning Artist of the Year and his rambunctious new hairstyle. He told fans he's going to be singing and dancing for years to come.


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