Top of the List: The pope gives notice and grammy fashions

Here are the stories people were buzzing about on February 11, 2013.

1.  THE POPE GIVES NOTICE:  An historic move is sending worldwide ripples through the Catholic Church.  For the first time in 700 years, a pope is resigning.  Pope Benedict XVI, 85, says he lacks the strength to fulfill his duties.  He will officially step down on February, 28.  
The List talked with America’s foremost expert on the Catholic Church, Rocco Palmo. He’s the author of the blog Whispers in the Loggia.  
"He’s going to be remembered for resigning.  He’s going to be remembered for bringing the church into a new era where a Pope can say, you know if I don’t have it in me any more I can’t do the job," said Palmo.
At the time Pope Benedict XVI was elected nearly eight years ago, he was 78 making him the oldest Pope elected in 300 years.  A conclave of Cardinals will gather 15 – 20 days after his resignation to begin the process of selecting a new pontiff. 
2.  DOUBLE WEATHER WHAMMIE: While the northeast digs out from a blizzard, people in Mississippi are cleaning up from a tornado.  That storm system is now moving up the east coast where it could combine with a second storm system to create another noreaster.  Meteorologist Amy Murphy explains what could happen saying "Cold air to the north, warm moist air to the south, the air masses clash so you never know.  We could have another issue on the east coast much like we did last weekend."  
Adding insult to injury, folks in the northeast are also dealing with another concern.  Warmer temperatures and rain could add significant weight to the snow already piled on roofs causing them to collapse. 
3.  DRESSING TO DAZZLE:  We all tuned into the Grammy’s for the musical performances, but fashion shared the limelight.  Forget hologram Tupac, check out Carrie Underwood’s dress!  The white ball gown’s skirt acted like a giant movie screen while she sang ‘Blown Away’.  The best country song winner had to stand in a specific spot on stage for the digital slideshow to work.  Also drawing attention, rap producer and Grammy winner ‘The Dream’, for his Boyz in the Hood cap.  Fellow winner JayZ  joked that it looked like it came from a swap meet.  It actually came from the novelty store Spencer’s.  And bringing sexy back for a second time, Justin Timberlake sported a ‘suit and tie’.  The singer, actor, dancer, fashion designer definitely classed up the show with his rat pack look.
4.  OSCARS OF THE DOG WORLD: New hairstyles, mani-pedis and whitened teeth, 27 hundred perfectly pedigreed pooches are converging for the Westminster Dog Show.  The dogs represent 187 different breeds, but who will take the coveted honor of Best In Show?  Vegas odds-makers are giving a Doberman Pinscher 7-to-1 odds, more specifically a four year old named Fifi, nicknamed the Fifinator.  
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