Top of the List: Turkey pardons, Romney in Disneyland and "Call Me Maybe" US troop style

On November 21, the day before Thanksgiving, these were the stories people were talking about:

1) DECISION 2012:  This day before Thanksgiving means it was time for the Presidential Turkey Pardon. President Obama was at the White House  to grant amnesty to one of two birds. For the first time, America helped make the decision via Facebook.

People could cast their ballots on Facebook and choose from Cobbler, a 40 pound 8 ounce turkey or Gobbler, who weighed 43 pounds and 3 ounces.

Cobbler was the turkey who got to be pardoned.   But don’t worry. The losing turkey also won’t get the ax. Both birds will go to Mount Vernon.

2) POULTRY PREDICTIONS:  Who is the Wild Turkey Bourbon's mascot putting his giblets on in the Thanksgiving NFL games?   Jimmy Junior has predicted the Lions will beat  the Texans and the Cowboys will take the Redskins.  In the night game, the telepathic turkey has picked the Pats over the Jets.

3) BOXES ‘R’ US:  Ohio teacher Pete Kaiser swapped out popular toys for cardboard boxes, and his 3-year-old kids  loved it! The teacher switched from baubles to boxes a week ago, and says he's already seen a positive change in the tunneling tykes. 

4) ROMNEY IN DISNEYLAND: Park spokespeople are mum about the appearance of Mitt Romney on the Disney grounds, but Twitter exploded with reports and photos of the former presidential candidate gassing up near his home in La Jolla and then hitting the happiest place on earth.

5) CALL ME MAYBE: Our guys in Afghanistan give us plenty to be thankful for. We’re glad that after all that they do, they still have their sense of humor.  They recently did a shot-for-shot send-up video of the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders' tribute video of Carly Rae Jepsen's original video "Call Me Maybe."


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