Top of the List: Unpredictable birth and wishing for etermal youth

Here are the stories everyone was talking about on May 28, 2013.

1.  UNABLE TO CONTAIN HER BUNDLE OF JOY:  A Florida mother, who apparently just couldn’t wait to have her second baby, gave birth outside the hospital.  Little Sienna Grace didn’t wait for the automatic doors to open; she just pushed her way out into the world.  Dad was there to help and a birth photographer captured it all, the pictures have already gone viral and the world can’t get enough of their story.

2.  THINNER MOMS MAKE THINNER KIDS:  Obese mothers tend to have children who become obese, now a new study suggests weight loss surgery may turn it all around.  Canadian researchers tested children born to obese women and their siblings conceived after obesity surgery.  Kids born after their mother lost weight were slimmer.  A related and equally fascinating story from a separate study, babies born by C-Section were nearly twice as likely to be overweight or obese by the time they are eleven.

3.  ANOTHER  WAY TO KEEP YOUR KIDS SLIM -- EXTORTION!  Supermodel Heidi Klum admitting to paying her kids to eat healthy.  The 39-year-old says she pays them a dollar to finish their breakfast smoothies.  Parenting experts are mixed on the idea. 

The List Skyped with Jill Cordes, author of the Fearless Feisty Mama blog on; she said, "When you’re not a parent it’s not acceptable; when you’re a parent it’s not only acceptable, it’s a necessity."

4.  AMID THE MISERY,  A COUPLE OF GRAND MOMENTS :  A glimmer of hope for a victim of the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  While digging through the rubble of the home he owned for 19-years, Tom Bridges found the $2,000 he received for selling his boat.  He put it in an envelope on top of a window ledge.  Bridges said ‘this is a miracle right here to find that.’  Both of Bridges cars were crushed in the storm, he plans to use the money to buy a truck.

5.  LOOKS SHE "WISHED" FOR ETERNAL YOUTH!  In a blast from the past, Barbara Eden went back to her ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ days.  The actress rocked her original belly baring costume from the 1960’s show at the age of 78 for an HIV and AIDS benefit.  First lady Michelle Obama also went back in time for her wardrobe.  Keen observers noticed her Memorial Day dress was a rerun from Easter 2009.  The sequester must be hitting the White House.


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