What's Trending: Lego creations that will astound you

A professor of mathematics has calculated that there are over 915 million ways to combine six Lego bricks. Kids love them and adults love them which is why currently there are six Legolands, and eight Legoland Discovery Centers. 

But even with more being built, there aren't enough to satisfy the world's lust for Legos, which is why Legos are on our "what's trending" list.


Remember when Fearless Felix base-jumped from outer space last month?  The Lego version blazed viral almost as fast as the Austrian daredevil hurtled through space.   

Then there was the Towering Ambition show arrived at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit this past weekend with its Lego versions of the world's great skyscrapers. To make it even more “Detroit-like,” they added a perfect Lego facsimile of Ford Field.

And in Japan, on December 3 they will have a display of forty World Heritage sites built of Legos, including Itsukushima Shrine, the Acropolis, the Statue of Liberty, and the  Great Pyramid.   

If you think Legos are all for kids, Chicago Legoland Discovery Cente, where adults normally must bring a child, are now throwing "No Kids Allowed" events so childless grownups can drink and unleash their Lego creativity. 

Finally, if you're a guy who maybe spends too much time playing with Legos, your friends can help you out and make you a girlfriend!  



Maybe that's what we love so much about Legos. They really are for kids of all ages.   Like Andrew Johnson, a lifelong Lego lover who beat out 100 other applicants to become master model builder at the Chicago Lego outpost.   He says with the right pieces and enough time, he could create anything out of Legos.

Then there's Artist Nathan Sawaya. He is gaining international attention for the pieces he makes with Legos.   . 

 "I think one of the most amazing things that has happened is people are relating to my artwork on a whole new level.  It’s removing itself from being a child’s toy   and now it's artwork," Sawaya said. 

If you still can’t believe Legos are big and getting bigger, check out the trailer for the new LEGO:  Lord of the Rings video game releasing on November 13.

It's been 80 years, but Legos still got legs.  They're what's trending.

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