Adverts Around the World: Fast food fun from the UK, Middle East and Philippines

They got their start in the United States, but fast food chains are global. There are over 33,000 McDonalds alone in 118 culturally diverse countries. And their menus are just as varied, as seen in this edition of Adverts Around the World.

First, let's head to the Middle East Pizza Hut where they'll serve you something that looks half pizza and half cheeseburger sliders.  They're not lying when they say the Middle East is oil-rich. Want some pickles with that or just Parmesan cheese?

Next we go to the UK, for a little country Burger King. England has turned western in preparation for their Arizona burger.  Apparently, the western world tastes like a cheeseburger with nachos on top.

Now we're turning Japanese where old McDonald's has a burger surf and turf. Yes, they have invented a creamy shrimp burger.

Lastly, we venture to the Philippines for some KFC deliciousness delivered fresh to your table. But check this out. They have a chicken sandwich with cheese on top of the bun. With these on the menu, this colonel is breaking rules and busting arteries.  

American companies spreading the gospel of the gaspill on this version of Adverts Around the World. 

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