Adverts around the World: Man becomes the A-team, strange Korean ice cream and Vin Diesal Granny

We find some pretty epic people when we dial the remote to foreign channels in Adverts around the World.

First we go to the UK, where Gary is the new hero of saving money on a comparison website.  He may have borrowed his song and his moves from the A-team, but he gets all the credit for being a one man money-saving wolf pack. 

Now to Germany, where a cute little granny is selling her dear ol' Volkswagon. Dad and son are liking it, and she's had some sweet memories in the car. Thing is, dad and son think they think they're pulling the cardigan over Betty White's eyes -- but boy, are they wrong. This Golden girl is actually Vin Diesel in drag.

Now to Korea, for the hottest pop sensation. Actually, this is just awkward. Um...yeah, just watch it and don't forget to get your Korean ice cream.



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