Adverts Around the World: Zany adverts that will have you turning Japanese

Here are our favorite zany, outrageous and totally multi-colored commercials from Japan.

The SoyCarat heads are ready for Christmas, but some guys have come along to take them all but one. So, naturally she emotionally eats all the musical notes snacks.

Try to guess what this ad is selling. It's Chocoball snacks! It’s weird, but the song is catchy.

Now, watch out for these fierce sequined-karate masters who are crazy in love all for some Ramen.

Next, little Amadaus is singing his best.  And he's getting some help from some multi-colored new born baby dolls. They're even playing the xylophone and the French horn.

Lastly, the devil himself is enjoying some Pocky Park.

Playful promo imports from Japan in this edition of Adverts around the World.

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