The Viralist: A cat that likes the vacuum, a crow that feeds the animals and sleep bulldog

This edition of the Viralist features the best animal combinations.

First up, what happens with a vacuum meets a relaxing cat? Bobo, loves when it’s cleaning time, because he gets clean too.

Next up, what do bulldogs dream of when they dream bulldog dreams? Susie Q the English Bulldog puppy is catching some z's and it’s one adorable combo!

Now, it's snacktime. And if you need some extra helping feeding the pets, why not use a crow? This mama bird is getting some crackers for a cat and dog, feeding them from her beak.

It's playtime, so everyone get some toys. Let's combine a determined doggy and cat that doesn't care to share. But the pup keeps trying to get it over and over again.

Watch it here

Lastly, this owl and cat are age-old friends.

Having a hoot on the Viralist.



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