The Viralist: A duck in a sink, a cat in a bucket, a dog who helps firemen and a piano playing dog

On the November 28 edition of the Viralist, it's all about the furry stars of the internet. And first, this cat wants to be a part of it!

But it seems Cliff the cat can't do a whole lot. He's just one regular cat.

Now to some other animalistic cuteness. It's time for little duck bath and he's zooming around the sink. It’s so much better than a rubber duckie in the bathtub!

Next, let's head to the Netherlands where after a storm a group of Firemen try to take down a damaged tree. Even after using a chainsaw, they're having trouble. But then someone unexpected joins to help. It’s a dog!

This black cat seemed to find his own fun. He’s chasing his tail around in a bucket. We've all heard a black cat in your path is bad luck, but what about one in a bucket?

Lastly, let's hear from a barking Beethoven! This adorable Dachshund is making his own music on the piano

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