The Viralist: A weather cat, a desk full of optical illusions and bakery magic tricks

We’ve gone online to find the best of the interwebs. First up, let's get a check of our weather.

It looks like someone is crashing in on the set with the weatherman. It’s a stray cat who has wandered into the forecast and the crew cannot stop laughing.

Walking up to this desk, it seems fairly normal with a Rubik's Cube, a roll of duct tape and a tennis shoe. But upon further inspection, they're not real at all. They are print outs stretched in very witty ways to create an anamorphic illusions.

Some say wine is the nectar of the gods, but what if your corkscrew goes missing? These guys have given us many options to find a way to open a Merlot.

Watch their video at this link

Lastly, let's head to China for an unbelievable act. Watch out David Blaine, this guy can do one heck of a magic trick. First, he takes some dough from a bakery and just like that, it's a croissant. But then, a little more dough and....he pulls out an entire BAGUETTE!

It's all magic on the Viralist.

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