The Viralist: Baby elephants, cat that likes to workout and a crazy airport timelapse

On this segment of the Viralist, life is a zoo.

At the Oregon Zoo in Portland, a mama and baby elephant have some nice bonding time in the Maternity Ward. Covered in straw, the little one gets up and always has to be right next to mommy.

This crazy timelapse, layers the all landings into San Diego in just a five hour span. San Diego is the busiest single-runway commercial airport in the country and has 41 gates.  

Next up, let's get physical. They always say you should workout with a buddy, but what about the hairy ones? This cat has jumped onto the treadmill with her workout buddy and they're ready to go.

Lastly, let's crack open a book. PBS has remixed Reading Rainbow telling us, a book can take you anywhere.

Take a look, it’s the Viralist!


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