The Viralist: Baby songs, 4-armed drummer & oranges on a cat

Here are your cliffnotes for the top web videos of the day. First, who you calling baby?

What's one of the most common words used in songs? It’s baby! Chad sums some of them up in one sweet 60-second mash-up.

This dog is putting the pedal to the metal in a toy car. While the other dogs play he drives along. And he does it all just for a toss of the ball.

Japan always has the best when it comes to animal videos and this one comes with a lesson. How many Clementines can be stacked on a cat?

This is Compressorhead from Berlin, Germany, the heaviest metal band ever. They're playing Ace of Spades and actually, play at real concerts. The drummer, Stickboy, has a slight advantage over human drummers. He has arms.

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