The Viralist: Camels and snow, Frank and his trick and a pizza dance

It’s November 7 and it’s time for the Viralist. 

First up, it's snowing! It may be about a month and a half until winter, but the camels in the video love prancing in the snow.

Next up, a day in the life of a puppy. Tugger is a golden lab who can make a toy out of anything and this time, it’s a door stop.  He just can't seem to reach it!

Time to go down under to Australia. On this fishing trip, the crew catches a huge Spanish Mackerel. Imagine catching a 150 pound fish, which is actually the average size of its kind. The fisherman try to get the catch of the day into the boat by lifting it up via hook without any luck.

Now for your entertainment is Frank. Using this age-old trick, Frank has a whole routine put together.

Lastly, ever been wanting some pizza and break out in song and dance? This fake pizza place commercial has the song we all have in our hearts.

Delivering the best on the Viralist.




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