The Viralist: Dog doesn't want to walk, hairy tooth fairy, strange guitar faces

Here are the videos making the Viralist for November 15:

This adorable Tamaskan Wolfdog clearly loves going for walks. He's not in any pain, but apparently, is in pain over the thought of getting some exercise.



For this Corgi puppy, playing is all about laying. Corgis have traditionally been used to herd sheep, poultry and even cattle, but this guy is not herding anything but cuteness!

Now, some help from of our doggy companions. How about the hairy tooth fairy? This dad has teamed up with the family dog to help pull his daughter's tooth.


Next let's get a quick rock lesson in Rock Faces. What facial expression do you rock out to when shredding the guitar?



Lastly, take a drive on the wild side. Watch out! This is farming fast and furious.




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