The Viralist: Dog takes on water bottles, Christmas sweats and mistletoe prank

It’s time to power up on fire-hot viral videos. First up, what's the perfect gift for a dog? 210 empty water bottles!

And right away, he's wrecking them. This is why we don't have nice things.

Next up, let's shoot some hoops. High schooler Zach Hodskin is killing it. Oh, did we mention he has one hand?

Enough with the ugly Christmas sweaters…how about some Christmas sweats? Hold up fashion police, this is better than a Snuggie.

This guy just saw the love of his life - online. Viral Olympian hurdler captured our attention with her jumpy ways, and this guy's daydreaming of their life together.

Lastly, get under the mistletoe. These festive and gutsy college students did a different kind of survey. And while MOST of the time, it was a huge success..... even with the older ladies. It didn't succeed all the time.

Spreading holiday cheer on the Viralist. 


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