The Viralist: Drama in the Netherlands, Scottie windmill and Subway racer

H-O-T U-R-Ls!!! First up, live dangerously.

In a typical Netherlands market, there's a button to add drama. So what happens when it’s pressed? Looks like the shoppers are thrown into a full-on action scene that’s full of riots, fights.... and Elvis?

It's actually a promo for the channel, TNT in the Netherlands

Meanwhile in Utah, it’s freezing rain.The weather made the sidewalks slick, and the pedestrians had to adapt on their morning walk. And they're actually, doing pretty well.

Next…got milk? It's snacktime for these Scotties, and they're going to choreograph something. It's a windmill of doggies! Awww…

It's another day to make a commute, why not try to race it? In London, this rider decides to race the subway. So he gets on the train, gets off at the next stop and runs through the streets to catch the train before it gets to the next stop.

Catching your breath on the Viralist!

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