The Viralist: Fat cat, cotton candy flower and cute leopard cubs

High-speed connectivity to the best of the internet is what we do on The Viralist.

First up, smile- you're on camera! These adorable clouded leopard cubs from the San Diego zoo are hamming it up to the camera.

At Taylor University, it’s the traditional Silent Night Game where student-fans stay in silence. But then mayhem roars through the court after the 10th point is scored.

Next, we head to China for an artistic appetite. A street vendor is selling some cotton candy that's a sweet treat for your eyes. First, he spins a stick into the different colored sugars. Then a couple of tucks.... and voila! A flower!

Someone's at the door and letting himself in. Maybe not exactly, he's stuck and trying to pull on the mat to get in. That's a lot of cat for a little door, but he makes it in.

Lastly, let's head to the ballet of the internet! Kodi the cat-erina does his best rendition of the Nutcracker.




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