The Viralist: GoPro trombone, koala hit and mouse-lympics

Grabbing the hottest links on the web on today’s Viralist. First up, it’s time for your close up.

Strap a GoPro camera onto a trombone and what do you get? You get this oddly hilarious and hilariously odd video.

When driving on a motorcycle in Australia, you better watch what's down under. Thankfully, this guy slowed down right before bopping a koala on his head. He's fine though and walking away okay.  

Now, it's the 2013 Mouse-lympics. These mice are showing us their best events like the hurdles, basketball,  the rings and even x-games like skateboarding.

Hundreds of jackfish are circling in a tornado-like form which is their version of socializing. Researcher and photographer, Octavio Aburto captured the beautiful phenomenon off the coasts of Mexico.These fish usually hang alone or in schools of 30, but the water conditions were perfect for this gigantic get-together.

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