The Viralist: Hungry baby hippo, spider punch and New York timelapse

We are plugging into the most sizzling viral videos we can find. First up, hip-hop-anonymous?

This hippo mother and baby are going out for a meal. This little youngster is giving us quite the show of cuteness, eating his first bites ever. That's one hungry, hungry HAPPY hippo!

Next up, we have a little lesson in overreactions. This guy has found a huge spider in the bathroom and does the next logical thing: Find his brass knuckles and do some damage. Maybe next time, he should use a tissue.

Next up, if you can make it there, you can make it traffic. This is an amazing timelapse of the New York City transit system. Each color represents the train likes riding all over Manhattan.

This adorable kitten is out to get you, but he's sometimes is a little clumsy.  Intimidating the helpless, he attacks a hand and another, he's unstoppable.

Attacking the adorable, on the Viralist.

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