The Viralist: Pugs attack snowman, cows in flipped truck, & real life fruit ninja

We’re starting the Viralist today with snow!  This Finnish Goalkeeper shows off some of his ice cold trick shots. He’s kicking during an interview, kicking while sledding and kicking to a player.

Setting up a nice photo-op with the pugs seemed like a great idea until the singing snowmen started to irritate the models. Oh no, she's attacking!

The wonders of a dashcam in Russia never disappoints. This driver is cruising along when all of a sudden a truck loses control and pours a bunch of cows on the road. No cows were hurt and it’s obvious, because they just get up and walk along like nothing ever happened.

Lastly, let the game begin! Pick up your samurai sword because you are the fruit ninja.

And that was the sweet fruit of the Viralist.

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