The Viralist: Rolls Royce Phanto, cute husky pups & cat crashes wedding

Downloading the best viral videos of the day. First up, Jeeves, fetch the car!

Check out the new Rolls Royce Phanto. It only costs $500,000, so why not take it out for a spin on a rainy day. It takes 60 pairs of hands to craft this luxury car.

Now, here comes the bride. These newly-weds are enjoying their new matrimony when an unexpected visitor comes to wish them well. This cat all-dressed-in-white wants in, too.

It's snack time for this Otter at a Japanese zoo, except...there are no snacks. An otter's menu is typically filled with seafood like mussels, sea urchins and fish.

Dressed up for the holidays these husky puppies obviously love their holiday garb.


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