The Viralist: Slow motion dogs bathing, mellow cat bath & best Christmas song that ever existed

It’s snowing cats and dogs on this issue of the Viralist.

The internet is loving anything with dogs in slow-motion, so what about dogs taking a bath? Dogs love water for many reasons, other than to stay hydrated, they need moisture to keep their nasal passages at their tip top shape for smelling.

From a dog bath to a cat bath. This Japanese kitty is having a spa day in his bathtub. He's incredibly calm and to relax even more, he gets into a floaty-tube to clean some more.

Now to Russia, where there's no more mama drama. After these adorable tigers were rejected by their mothers, the staff called in a dog to adopt the cubs.

Who let the cats out? This cat really wants to get out and this cat door is in the way. Apparently, this is the fourth door that Mr. Tiddles the cat has destroyed. We're not sure if we should be giving credit to the owner's perseverance or not.

Lastly, we have a Christmas melody. There are millions of songs for the holidays, but this one is probably one of the best. Well, at least according to the singer who claims it's the best Christmas song that ever existed. Oh...and the graphics are unbelievable.


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