The Viralist: Surviving a close call, in business, an alien invasion and the week

On the November 16 edition of the Viralist, it’s all about survival, beginning with surviving a close call.

1) In Korea, this driver saw the huge truck coming down the hill towards him. A simple shift to reverse, and it’s a sliding show.

2) Here’s how to survive in show business. First, you need to have an interesting name and pronounce it like a mesmerizing song. Also, don't forget to get a signature head move.

3) Now, let's go to the best truck driver in the world who finds creative ways to survive mundane days.

4) Get ready for the Apocalypse! This guy, who apparently is a "Professional Russian," shows us the best weapons for survival.

5) Finally, you survived through the week! As if you need anymore boost, here's an adorable elephant frolicking in the ocean.

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