The Viralist: Trust fall fail, Honey Boo Boo in garbage and dumb ways to die

On the November 21 edition of the Viralist, it is all about expecting the unexpected.

First up, Santa Claus is coming to town! In an England Mall, Santa came down Tom Cruise style- from the roof. But there was a hitch. Santa's beard got caught in the rope.

Get ready for a trust fall. And just like any trust fall, someone's going to get hurt. But it’s not who you think it is.



What happens when you put a chick and a cat together? Are they gonna get along? Or is the cat up for a nice treat.

They say you can make art out of anything, and this guy can make trash into treasure, but exactly what is it?

Lastly, a PSA of the unexpected. This Australian Metro put together a cheery safety song and cartoon for dumb ways to die.


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