The Viralist: Viral video year in review on YouTube, cat in tub and cheetahs on the track

Looking for the best viral videos of the day?  Here are the cliffnotes of interweb.

This curious cat wants to watch the printer go off, but he seems to be a little more scared than he can take, flinching at every little sound.

The Houston Zoo took their cheetahs to the Sam Houston Race track to get some exercise. Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world, reaching speeds up to 70 mph. At the track, they ran after a duck decoy right to a bowl of food.

This kitty has just gotten a bath and to make matters worse, he can't get out of the tub. After many failed attempts, he takes a break and uses his puppy-dog cat eyes to try and get some help.

Lastly, its time for your review. Your youtube review! 2012 was an epic year for viral videos from Gangnam Style coming out on top, followed by Call me Maybe.  Take a look. Can you spot all the callbacks?

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