The Viralist: World's smallest stallion, a nervous dog and a car on a very slippery hill

Here are the hottest viral videos for November 27:

First up, giddy up little horsey. Meet Einstien, the smallest stallion in the world. He's taking his mini-saddle out for a quick trot with his very big horse brother. When Einstein was born, is only weighed 6 pounds and was just 14 inches tall.

Now let's fly or drive over to Russia. This driver and his car are sliding down the street.  And two onlookers try to help. Will they help avoid a crash?

Do you ever wonder what it'd be like if your pet was human? Look at the differences between your dog friend and cat friend.

This little lamb wants to be friends with very big dog. But Misky seems a little nervous even after giving a couple kisses.

Lastly, let's get into the holiday spirit! The NBA has decked the halls with balls, by dribbling the Carol of the Bells. And it’s pretty hypnotizing.

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