VIRALIST: Dog has the blues, half-court shot, and no pants train ride

The Viralist always has the best viral videos we can find.  Here are the top viral videos of the day.

Winston, an adorable 2-year-old rescue bulldog is baaaad to the bone. Actually, he's deaf but he's got soul. Awww.... even though he can't hear the music, he feels the smooth vibrations. Side note: His owner says his has a clean tail, and loves to dance away.


Kevin, a basketball fan is going for the $1000 half-court shot. But is it a win or fail?


In 60 cities around the world, thousands rode the train with no pantaloons. In  New York, young and old rode bottomless...some even dressing up while dressing down. 
Let's not forget, they're doing this in New York in JANUARY!!! 

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