Viralist: Hungry rabbit, a dog who wants in and a unique political ad worth seeing

It’s Monday November 5 and it’s time for the Viralist and the hottest videos trending on YouTube.

DOG WANTS IN: First up, there's a dog at the door and this husky really wants into the house. He uses his best smile and then some kisses.

HUNGRY RABBIT: Next up, is a very quick snack. A little rabbit is rapidly eating his cucumber and the speed he’s going at it is unbelievable! Did we mention he's in a teacup?

BUTT-KICKING BABY: The next video making the November 5 Viralist is one butt-kicking baby. Filmmaker Patrick Boivin has taken action flicks to a toddler level with this baby versus stuffed dragon flick

COOKIE THIEF: Who stole a cookie from the cookie jar?  Check out this thieving cat as it steals a doggy treat from the jar. But before he can bask in the glory, karma takes over, as the stolen goods is stolen back.

A DIFFERENT POLITICAL MESSAGE: Lastly, we have a local message from politician Richard Tisay, but it’s not your run of the mill political ad. This politician has taken politics out of it and given us the best ad yet. All it shows is a scenic shoreline in Massachusetts.

Politicians have spent an estimated $1 billion in this year's election, and this is just the break we need before the polls tomorrow. 

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