Viralist: Nerdlife, hovercraft and socks for dogs


We’re getting to the core of hot viral videos. First up, nerd to your mother.

Welcome to Nerd Life. Sure, hip-hop for the streets, but now, it’s for the office.This is MC Frontalot, a self proclaimed nerdcore hip-hopper and the 579th greatest rapper.

Where they're going, they don't need roads. Check out this DeLorean hovercraft. It's drifting like it’s 1988, right in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was made by a hardcore fan and can hover over sand, water, and asphalt. Unfortunately, it only goes up to 45 mph.

Described as "humor-core" band, Psychostick created this hilarious song for some eccentric dogs. It is lyrically beautiful and pure genius.

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