Viralist: Pelican eats camera, sweaters on horses and baby plays golf

Fascinating furry friends online! First up, a fish eye perspective.

Check out the view from a pelican's hungry mouth. A pelican's diet usually consists of fish, turtles and even birds, but definitely not a camera. That doesn't stop this one from trying.

Next up, it's a birdie, baby. Looks like this toddler has own driving range in the huge empty basement. But, if I was mom and dad, I'd be a little worried about losing an eye.

2013 may be the year to take a Scottish trip because they have ponies… in cardigans. Take a look at this new promo from Visit Scotland of Shetland ponies getting cozy.

Lastly, Fido is walking this horse, except he's not so much walking the stallion but playing tug-of-war. 



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