Viralist: Slippery sidewalk, horse gets free and President Obama brings sexy back

Double-clicking the best urls on the web. First up, it’s an ice cold slip'n'slide.

Check out probably the most slippery sidewalk in the world. It's Duke Street in Norwich, England and pedestrian after pedestrian is thrown off balance. Luckily, the orange cones are there to warn people, and no one was seriously hurt. The town council has actually shut down the sidewalk.  And while some got off just fine...others not so much. Talk about a slippery slope.

With a little nibble, this horse has taken back his freedom and he’s even helped his friends. You can't keep this guy locked down in the stable.


Lastly, welcome back Mr. President. What do you have to say? Check out this mash-up of Obama bringing sexy back. And don't forget about VP Joe Biden.

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