The Viralist: The REAL Toy Story, clipping nails in space and fresh prince of Google Translate

On this edition of the Viralist, check out this shot-for-shot live action version of Toy Story made by two brothers.

It took over two years to create the live action version- which is about how long it took to create the original. The brothers had no-budget and would film about a minute a week. They even took a trip to Pixar to hand out copies of their version.


Here's a quick look into how astronauts cut their nails in zero gravity. Solution: Do it in front of an air vent. So it can suck the nail out. Gross.


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air REMIXED. Experimental music group CDZA takes on the TV theme classic by mixing things up. English translated to a new language back to English equals fun!

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