Boeing's Dreamliner has a week of turbulence

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It's been a rough week for Boeing.  On Monday, a fire broke out on an empty 787 in Boston.  On Tuesday, a 787 flight was canceled after a fuel leak was discovered. On Wednesday, a 787 flight was canceled after an error message popped up about the 787's breaking system. 

The high tech plane features an airy cabin, roomy overhead cabins, and high tech windows. But of course, none of that matters if the plane is stuck on the ground. It seems the 787 (also known as the Dreamliner) has become a nightmare.

Two of the Dreamliners affected this week have come from Japan Airlines, and one from All Nippon Airways.

Even with their stock prices wavering and the bad press, Boeing has said that the aircraft is 100 percent safe to fly, and is working to improve reliability.  Each aircraft costs $200 million, and the demand for them, for now, is extremely high, so Boeing has a lot on the line.

Are you less likely to book a flight on a 787?  Let us know in the comment section below.


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