Don't forget about White Sale month

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You might not have had a white Christmas, but you're guaranteed to have a white January. The first month of the year is the most popular time for "White Sales."  Sheets, duvets, comforters typically go on sale at most major retailers throughout the month.

Most people attribute the modern day White Sale to John Wanamaker, founder of the legendary Wanamaker's department store in Philadelphia.  In 1878, he declared January the month of the White Sale, trying to pump the sale of bed linens, which back then were predominately white.

It was all just branding - and while White Sales now happen all year long, they're still associated with January.

Wanamaker was a master marketer.  He's credited with popularizing the price tag, the guaranteed refund policy and the in-store restaurant. He was also one of the major financial supporters of the movement to make Mother's Day a holiday.

One of the classic marketing quotes of all time is attributed to Wanamaker: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

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If you happen to be shopping at the Philadelphia Macy's, look up at the giant organ -- you're standing in the famous Wanamaker building.

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