Extreme Couponing: When couponing goes from saving money to an addiction

What's the Deal with Conor Knighton

Now it's in 4th season, TLC's “Extreme Couponing” has developed quite a stockpile of episodes.  And they're all basically the same.  There's a lady with a bunch of kids, her family thinks she's crazy, but she loves clipping coupons. She goes to the grocery store, there's suspense and…she saves some money.

Of course, the only way these people save so much is by buying a lot of unhealthy stuff they don't need like 20 bags of candy.

To be fair, if the zombie apocalypse ever comes, you're going to want to live next door to these people as they've got rooms full of cereal, toothpaste and  snacks,

There's a fine line between couponing and hoarders and intervention. Most extreme couponers say they're doing this for their family, but they don't always seem that family focused.

If a show is past its expiration date, do you really need to watch another episode of people buying a bunch of stuff they don't need?

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