Find out where to see the Black Friday deals before Black Friday

What's the Deal with Conor Knighton

It's over a week away, and The List’s Deal Hunter Conor Knighton already has his Black Friday schedule planned out:

5 a.m. -- sleep. 

6 a.m. -- still sleep. 

11 a.m. – maybe wake up, eat a turkey sandwich and watch the Shawshank Redemption on TV.

Conor Knighton says the last thing he wants to do the day after Thanksgiving is wait in a long line. Yes, there are some good deals on Black Friday, but unless you're first in line, he says most of the best deals will be snatched up.

BUT if you're determined to hit the stores, here are some tips:

1)       You can get a preview of many of the Black Friday ads at

2)       On November 1, Amazon launched their Black Friday deals store. 

3)       Walmart has already started offering pre-Black Friday deals via their Ultimate Online Specials.

4)       And of course, there will be tons of online Cyber Monday deals.


Here’s a list of some more black Friday ads.

Ace Hardware

Bed Bath and Beyond

Best Buy





Old Navy

Radio Shack

Sam's Club


Sports Authority







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