Finding the best airline seats with Seat Guru

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Seat Guru is a website ( that can help you for figure out the best place to sit on a plane.  You type in your flight information, pull up a seat map, and check out what others have picked. 

Seat Guru has been around for years, but they have just launched a new flight search, powered by Trip Advisor, that has additional cool features. It ranks seats according to a “guru” factor. This takes into account things like legroom and amenities like seat back TVs.  Typically, you'll still be picking based on price and flight times, but knowing if a plane has WiFi is helpful information.

When you're looking to find the best seat, there are two main factors to keep in mind: (1) Pitch, which is how far a seat is from the one in front of it, and (2) Width, which is how wide it is.

United's 777s typically have 31 inches of pitch, Jet Blue's Airbus 320s have 34 inches.  Special sections, which are available at a higher price like main cabin select or economy plus. have extra inches. 

It doesn't sound like much, but even a couple of extra inches can make your flight a lot more comfortable.

Not everyone loves seat guru, though. It's been compared to the notoriously unreliable Apple Maps. Still, having some information is better than flying blind. 

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