Fortune Magazine releases list of the best places to work

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Fortune has once again ranked the best companies to work for in the United States. 

For the fourth year in a row, Google has taken the #1 spot.  With its whimsical office space, free gourmet meals, micro kitchens, slides and bike lanes, it kills the competition when it comes to perks.

You may be less familiar with #2.  SAS is a data analytics firm headquartered in North Carolina.  It sounds pretty dry, but they make the list in part due to their focus on creativity. They keep two artists-in-residence on staff.

Grocery chain Wegmans has made the list 16 times which is every year that Fortune has published the rankings. Wegmans is popular in the northeast.  From the lip-syncing videos their employees make, we can't decide if this would be the best, or the WORST place to work.

Apparently, people love working at Wegmans so much that they bring their families. One in five Wegmans employees are related.

Other companies in the top ten include NetApp, Hilcorp Energy and Camden Property Trust.  The top 20 has some more recognizable names including Dreamworks, The Container Store and REI. 

Microsoft is #75.  Interestingly, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook aren't on the list at all.  Fortune relies heavily on random employee surveys for the list. You can check out the complete ranking at or at this link:

Let us know if your company should have made the list and why.

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