Hanging with super flyers at Star Alliance MegaDo

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Life's a journey, not a destination.  And no one is more excited about the journey than a group of intense frequent flyers who were on the Star Alliance MegaDo

Every year, a group of frequent flyer fanatics spend a week flying around the world, getting a once in a lifetime peeks behind the scenes and meeting with airline and hotel executives.

MegaDo Founder Tommy Danielson is part of a team who puts together the event.  The core group heads from San Francisco, to Houston, to Chicago. You end up seeing more of the airports than the cities, but, for this gang, that's the draw.

The team charters their own plane and in 2012, it was the 787 Dreamliner.

Once airborne, it's a party in the sky. This is followed, of course, by a party in an airplane hanger. Getting access to these elite travelers convinced Hyatt and United to hop on board as sponsors. Participants are asked for their feedback, and spend the trip getting wined and dined by the companies, eager to please these loyal customers.

Why take vacation days just to spend time in hotels and airports?  Well, for most, it's about the access as you can hang out with the grounds crew, scope out the jets and watch the network operation center from the inside.

This year, United CEO Jeff Smizek made a special appearance.

It’s a grueling schedule of early morning flights, but there's something contagious about the excitement this gang has for travel. 

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