How libraries are keeping up with the times

What's The Deal with Conor Knighton

With so much of our consumption going digital, the idea of a big building, full of physical copies of books, can seem a little outdated. But public libraries remain the best deal in town for free books, audiobooks, movies, and magazines, and have been modernizing their offerings to stay relevant:

1. Hoopla:This is a new service that allows library patrons to stream movies, TV shows, and audiobooks from home. All you need is a library card.

2. Overdrive: This has become a popular digital checkout service for thousands of libraries. It's primarily a service for audiobooks and e-books. You can check out via your local library’s website and listen using Overdrive’s app. 

3. Zinio: If your library is partnered with Zinio, you can read hundreds of magazines, digitally, for free. Just log in through your library’s website to browse the selection of available titles.

4. Wifi: If you’re looking for an internet cafe without the annoying hum of an espresso machine, it’s worth remembering that most libraries offer free Wifi.

So, technically, you could read your digital books, surrounded by real ones.

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