How to earn free money by buying gift cards

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It's the season of giving, but if you do it right, it's also the season of getting free stuff. That's right, while everyone is buying gift cards to stuff stockings, you can be stuffing your own stocking.

During the holidays, many retailers offer a bonus for buying gift cards.  You could buy $50 of Benihana gift cards, and get $10.  For every $100 at California Pizza Kitchen you buy, you can get $20. If these are restaurants that you go to frequently, it's worth taking advantage of these deals.

For every $30 gift card you buy at Chipotle, you get a free burrito. Getting an item worth about $7 for buying a $30 gift card is a good deal as you’re getting a 23 percent tax free return on your investment.

Think about it.  If you eat at Chipotle once a week, you might as well buy a couple of gift cards for yourself.  Not only do you know you’ll use them, but you’ll also be getting free money.

If Chipotle isn’t for you, there are other places that are offering similar deals. CVS will give you $5 when you buy a $25 gift certificate online. Once you start looking, you’ll find more of these deals. So, if there are businesses you know you're going to be frequenting in the next year, it's worth checking to see if they have gift card deals. 

Forget the stockings, It's time to start stocking up.

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