How one man earned millions of air miles

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In 2012, Tom Stuker flew 1 million miles on United.  That’s over 2,700 miles every single day.  It’s the equivalent of flying around the earth 40 times. 

Tom explained his loyalty to United.

“Because I’ve flown 7000 flights on United, I really have grown up with these people. They’re like family to me, so I’m very loyal to my family,” said Stuker.

United rewards Tom for that loyalty by taking care of his every possible need. 

“Even while I’m sleeping, they’ll refresh my water.  They put new ice water with lemon there, and even though they change it six times while I’m sleeping, they know when I wake up, I really like that nice glass of ice water and lemon right by my side.  It’s just unbelievable service,” Stuker said.

Water and lemon.  Awesome.  The perks get a little better, though. Tom flies so many miles that he earns a lot of frequent flier miles.  These can be redeemed for – you guessed it – more flights for him and his family.

“You’d be surprised how many friends you get when you earn 50 million miles,” Stuker said.

When Tom passed 10 million lifetime miles on United, the airline threw him a huge surprise party.  The CEO stopped by to meet him, they flew in friends and family, and gave him the royal treatment.

“They showered me with so many presents, including putting my name on a brand new 747. They literally rolled it up to the window and said, ‘Here’s your new 747.’ That blew me away,” Stuker said.

Tom Stuker’s job as a car dealership consultant takes him around the world.  And soon, to your television.  Stuker is the star of Spike’s new show, “Car Lot Rescue.”

"Car Lot Rescue" premieres at 10 p.m. on Spike.

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