Is the Sonos Speaker System worth the money?

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The Sonos Speaker System is one of those products that consistently receives solid reviews.  Audiophiles praise its sound quality, and techies love its WiFi capabilities. 

The key draw of the Sonos system is that you can put the speakers all around your house and control them wirelessly from your computer, your phone and your iPad. All you have to do is plug in one device to your router.

One perk of the system is that you can control each room separately. It’s also easy to set up.  Within a couple of minutes, you could be playing songs from your phone's library, your computer's library, and sites like Rdio.

Compared to other options, like Apple's Airplay, it's got the widest range of options. You can also mix sources like playing a couple of tracks from Rdio and a couple of tracks from your own iTunes playlist.

Considering its size, the sound is pretty solid. But if sound quality is all you're looking for, there are better speakers out there. You're buying this for the WiFi features.

Sonos's latest ad campaign features Janelle Monoe, Deadmau5, and Questlove all demonstrating the products in their homes. But keep in mind, these people are all super rich. Janelle has Sonos in her bedroom, living room and closet, which is thousands of dollars of equipment.

And that's the catch.

The more speakers you have, the better the Sonos System is, but each speaker is going to you a. A Play 3 (the small speaker) is $300.  The larger Play5 speaker is $400.  Or you could pay $500 if you want an amp to control speakers you already have wired around your house.

Right now, Sonos is offering a gift pack that includes a free bridge which is a small device about the size of an Apple TV.  You can plug this into the router so your speakers can go elsewhere. Compared to the similar $600 Zepplin Air that works with Apple devices, the price is not crazy as good speakers aren't cheap.

If you're heavy user of streaming music services and like being able to control your home sound system from your couch, this may be the best system out there.  But to get the most out of the system, you will probably spend around $600.  No matter how good Sonos sounds, for some people, that price tag sounds a little too expensive.

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