Mastering the art of stealth couponing with Amex, and other deal secrets

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The stars of "Extreme Couponing" make a big deal about how much they save, but sometimes, you don't want the entire store to know you've used a coupon.  So if you want to be a stealth couponer, here’s how to do it.

If you've got an Amex card, you can enroll the Amex sync program and load offers to your card via twitter, Facebook, or foursquare. Once you load the offer, it appears on your account as a statement credit at the end of the month.

You can also load offers to your card via the Amex app if you're out. 

Amex isn’t the only one that lets you do stealth couponing. Bank of America's Amerideals works the same way.

If you've got fancy restaurant tastes, can be a good, stealthy way to save money while dining out.  If you book your reservation through their site, you get 30 percent off your bill, automatically, without having to fork one over.

A lot of grocery stores will allow to add coupons to your club card so you don't have to print them out at checkout.

So go ahead and become a stealth saver.  Don't worry - it's our little secret.

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