Milk commercial featuring The Rock is a Super Bowl first

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US milk consumption, per capita, is at its lowest level in decades. There have been lots of explanations for the shift away from milk:

  • Milk prices have gone up. 
  • Consumers are gravitating to fancy new drinks like coconut water and sports drinks.
  • Milk typically comes in gallons and consumers want single serving drinks.
  • Milk expires.  A bottle of water or Gatorade can last in your fridge for months.
  • There are popular milk alternatives like soy milk.
  • More people have been diagnosed as lactose intolerant.

Nobody knows exactly why milk has declined, but the numbers show our consumption of 1% and 2% has gone down several percent.

For the first time ever, there will be a milk ad in the Super Bowl., a news site all about beverage,  has a photo of The Rock shooting the 30 second ad. It's part of a big promotional push called "The Breakfast Blitz" that will lead up to the game.  Breakfast is another reason for milk's decline.  Fewer families are eating it together in the morning.

In one of the ads, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz talks up the benefits of breakfast with milk.

Of course, milk has been making commercials for years. You may remember their "Milk does a body good" campaign and the "Got Milk" ads. There are new ads where they take on imitation milk and others even tout the benefits of chocolate milk as a post workout drink.

But a Super Bowl push is the most expensive ad yet.  We'll see if the ad does the milk industry good.


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