Saving money with great deals at Amazon Warehouse

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When you buy something on Amazon, it most likely comes from a place like a massive, massively efficient warehouse with packages flying everywhere, stacks and stacks of products, all waiting to be shipped to your door.

Amazon's warehouses make up the backbone of the site.  But Amazon Warehouse is also a section of the site.  It doesn't get a ton of attention, but there are some great deals to be found on open box, like-new, and used products.

A few months ago, an 11" MacBook Air with a 128 gb hard drive was available for $770. Amazon said it was "like new."  As far we could tell it was new. The plastic was still on it, the serial number hadn't been registered, and the battery had been cycled zero times.  The only flaw was the box was kind of beat up.

You probably could get a computer for even cheaper on eBay, but with Amazon, you deal with a company you trust instead of an individual buyer who might be lying about the condition.

If you see a good deal on the warehouse site, act fast as they come and go quickly.

With any product you buy on Amazon Warehouse, there's a 30 day return policy.  So, this is one of the few situations where we recommend buying first and deciding later.  Quantities are also limited.

Of course, Apple does sell refurbished products on their own site, but often their deals are worse, and you have less chance of finding a new product. The Amazon Deals aren't always amazing. For example an USB charger that goes for $14.09 new goes for $13.25 on the warehouse.

If you're trying to keep up, does a good job of tracking warehouse deals. Some recent finds include discounted iPhone cases, charcoal grills and cameras.

Fortunately, with Amazon's massive operation, there are quite a few returns, which means the warehouse deal section gets refreshed regularly.

Have you found any great deals?  Are you okay with the idea that someone else may have touched your computer before you? 



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