Protect your tech investment and waterproof your smart phone

What's The Deal? with Conor Knighton

Water covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. It is essential for all known forms of life. But if two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen touch even a fraction of your cell phone’s surface, it could mean instant death.

Sony has made a splash with its recently released Xperia Z cell phone, which it advertises as being resistant to dust and water. You can expect to see a lot more phones like this in the future, but for now there are several ways you can waterproof your existing phone. 

On the most basic end of the spectrum, you’ll find solutions like the Aquapac.  It’s a watertight bag you slide your phone into.  It's awkward for day-to-day use, but ideal if you’re looking to take the phone underwater.

There are all sorts of different sizes of sealed bags and for a small phone, it’ll run you around $30. Then you’ve got products like the Lifeproof Free.  It’s $80, but it’s engineered to be a case you can use every day.

For an additional $40, you can get accessories like a Lifejacket, to help your phone float. Lifejacket  also has a protection program to replace your phone if things don’t work, but be sure to read the fine print before you go swimming - there’s a service fee.

Liquipel gets rid of the case all together. For $60 you can send your phone off and they’ll cover it with a special water-resistant coating. 

It’s a crazy, wet world out there, but spending a little money to keep your gadgets dry could protect your tech investment.

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