Testing out the Scottevest for gadget lovers and travelers

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The Scottevest  is a vest with 24 pockets that a group of dedicated travelers swear by.  Scottevest CEO Scott Jordan founded the vest so he could carry around a bunch of stuff without a "man purse."

The vests and jackets have become so popular that YouTube is full of videos of people trying to cram as much as they can into their clothing.

When completely full, the Scottevest is not the most comfortable thing to wear, although it does do a decent job of distributing the weight.  Surprisingly, it’s not hideous, which the company uses as a selling point. Most travel vests you see have these big external pockets that make you look like a tourist. Now, you can just look like a slightly fatter person. 

3 reasons to like the vest:

1) When packed (even half full), most of what you need is easily accessible.

2) The headphone cord system lets you wire your headphones through the jacket

3) It's safer than a knapsack or purse as those are easier to steal a vest.

The price is a little steep at $125 - although you can frequently find coupons online for around 20 percent off. For gadget lovers who want to keep their gear organized while out and about and don’t want a bag, we recommend it.


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