The best places to rent designer gowns and children clothes

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Did you know there are some websites you can use to outfit your stylish kids?  It’s expensive to dress kids, especially when you know they are going to grow out of the item in a few months.

That's where Borrow Baby Couture comes in.  Why spend $126 on a Stella McCartney cashmere cardigan? At you can rent it for $18.90 a week.  The site features all kinds of ridiculously expensive baby clothes for cheap. 

Moxie Jean is another kids’ consignment store. With this one you can send your used kids clothes and buy discounted used outfits for around half off.  Shipping is $5.95 or free on orders over $40.

There are clothing rental options for adults as well.  If you're a mom to be, you know you're not going to be pregnant forever.  You may want to rent some of your maternity clothes.  Rent  offers dresses you can rent for a holiday event or party for less than half the purchase cost.

Another website to check out is This is the most popular clothing rental site for adults.  Stylists select their top picks and you can rent them for special events for less.

Would you rent instead of buy?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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